Healing sessions with Suzanne

As an energy healer, medical intuitive and medium with shamanic training, Suzanne treats deeply embedded personal wounds, addictions, depression, ancestral/family wounds, archetypal wounds, possession illness, curses and sorcery, other-lifetime traumas and soul loss. She works with the angelic realm in doing the work, assisting clients with clearing out energies that prevent them from achieving their true path and purpose.

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Suzanne will 'read' your energy system to identify your nature and your path, detecting what blocks stop you from knowing your true purpose, so as to best align you with your soul contract and fulfilling your potential.

Energy healing includes:

Medical Intuitive reading

Soul Contract work

Spirit communication

Psychopomp work

Curse unraveling

Soul Retrieval


Suzanne next works to remove blocked, congested energy in the client that create psychological and physical issues. The causes of that congestion are wounding, environmental issues, diet, curses and possessing spirits.

Block removal includes:

Individual (Personal) Wound Clearing of trauma from this lifetime

Ancestral (Family) Wound Clearing of patterns and unprocessed trauma 

Archetypal (Large Group) Wound Clearing affecting identity 

Depossession and Spirit Removal

Aligning with
Spiritual Purpose

After clearing emotional and psychological blocks and any foreign energy and restoring lost essence through soul retrieval, the next step is to align you with whatever it is that you came here to do.

Spiritual purpose alignment includes:

Having clarity through mental discipline

Hearing the body's divine intelligence 

Listening to Helping Spirits for guidance

Stepping into your Power

Fulfilling what is in your Soul Contract

Living your bliss

I just want the world to know how Suzanne has changed my life forever. Using her gifts and abilities she has given me back my life. She really is an angel on earth and every day I thank God for her. She is an honest and humble human being that really helps people.”
— Roni, New York City